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How to operate the electric forklift stacker safely and standardly?


How to operate the electric forklift stacker safely and standardly?

Electric forklift trucks are special electric vehicles and do not require a relevant driver’s license for operation. Therefore, as long as you have a small amount of training, you can drive an electric forklift truck for cargo handling and stacking, but you must regulate the operation of the electric stacker. High truck, because this is an important guarantee for safety, what are the specifications for the safe operation of electric forklift trucks ?
1. Operators of electric stacker trucks are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, overweight, speeding, sudden braking and sharp turns are forbidden. It is forbidden for electric forklift trucks to enter places where solvents and flammable gases are stored.
2. The safety device of the electric stacker must be complete and intact, the components are sensitive and effective, and the technical performance is good. It is strictly forbidden for the electric forklift stacker to drive with diseases. Usually, the electric stacker must be frequently maintained for each component. Carry out a careful inspection.
3. Maintain the standard driving state of the electric forklift stacker. When the fork lifts off the ground, the forks are 10-20 cm above the ground. When the electric stacker stops, the forks are lowered to the ground level; When working under poor road conditions, the weight should be appropriately reduced, and the driving speed of the electric stacker should be reduced.